About Rayzone Group

Cyber intelligence challenges are becoming increasingly complex. Rayzone Group solves these challenges through pioneering technologies, analysis tools, and cybersecurity solutions based on in-depth data collection and investigation capabilities.

Rayzone Group’s innovative comprehensive intelligence solutions are built on a foundation of trusting relationships. Our portfolio spans across various domains including: data fusion, investigative platforms, and counterintelligence.

Our Innovation Journey

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    80 countries worldwide
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    10 years of R&D experience
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    200 employees

Our Holistic Approach

With over a decade of expertise in designing and developing high-end intelligence solutions, Rayzone Group created a sophisticated portfolio that facilitates the processing, analysis, and sharing of data between all trusted parties involved.


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    Global Partnership
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Our Team
The Unique Spirit of Rayzone Group

Our committed team, comprised of industry experts and innovative individuals, works together to develop advanced security solutions for a safer tomorrow. By using our joint high-tech expertise, Rayzone Group’s dedicated professionals have built advanced solutions for enabling our clients to identify and overcome acute challenges.

Our Dedicated Professionals

We are dedicated to transforming challenges into opportunities for collaboration, ensuring our efforts to successfully mitigate threats. The depth of our diversity and professional backgrounds infuses a rare combination of practicality and innovation in all that we do.


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