Sectors We Empower

Rayzone Group assists global agencies to identify specific needs and immediately counter threats through the creation of tailored, efficient, and user-friendly solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing infrastructure.

We ensure that the highest level of discretion is upheld, and that our solutions abide by the latest confidentiality and privacy protocols.

Sectors We Empower

Financial Institutions
We support financial institutions and tax authorities in their fight against money laundering, financial terrorism, and tax fraud through monitoring of financial transactions.

Law Enforcement
Rayzone Group provides law enforcement agencies with the appropriate tools and processes to efficiently prevent and investigate organized crime and terrorist activities in the face of rapidly evolving communications technology.

Customs & Narcotics
We assist border control and drugs enforcement authorities in tackling narcotics trafficking and international smuggling of illegal goods.

National Security
Rayzone Group empowers authorities and intelligence agencies worldwide in gathering analyzing and sharing intelligence insights among partners with respect to the targets that constitute a threat to national security.

Public Safety
We partner with national agencies worldwide to ensure public safety and order, prevent crime and protect citizens and civil servants through groundbreaking intelligence solutions which consistently turn aggregated data into actionable insights.