ArrowCell – Detector, Preventer and Locator of IMSI Catchers and Active GSM Interception Systems

ArrowCell is a comprehensive solution for elimination of IMSI catchers and tactical active GSM interception systems.

Rayzone’s ArrowCell product family, offers a real-time comprehensive solution of full protection against IMSI catchers and active GSM interception systems (IMSI Catcher Catcher).
ArrowCell identifies its surrounding cellular networks and detects unusual behavior. The unique algorithms determine whether the original operating cell has been replaced by an alternate fake operator. Using specific vulnerabilities in the GSM standard, ArrowCell disables the interception and prevents its operation. Moreover, ArrowCell has the ability to locate active GSM interception systems with high accuracy and to pinpoint the target’s location to a specific room within a building.

ArrowCell D – Enables Detection of an IMSI catcher or active GSM interception system in the proximity. Rayzone’s ArrowCell D is a small portable device that detects unusual behavior in the surrounding 2G and 3G cellular networks. The unique algorithms determines whether the original operating cell has been replaced by an alternate fake operator and alerts the user upon detection.

ArrowCell DPL – Enables Detection, Prevention and Location of a GSM active interception system. Rayzone’s ArrowCell DPL detects the threat of an illegal active interception system in real-time, alerts the user and disables the interception. Rayzone’s ArrowCell DPL is capable of locating the GSM interception in high accuracy down to the exact location inside of a building.