Cyber Power – Intelligent Cyber Security Suite

Rayzone Group offers a wide range of Cyber Security solutions and services. Rayzone Group provides a hollistic protection suitable for both enterprises and National cyber security centers.

Cyber security has become a critical element in modern warfare, in national defense, and in conflicts with terrorists. The availability of knowledge, tailored technologies and quality personnel is an acute bottleneck in meeting those challenges.

Rayzone Group’s intelligent cyber security suite provides defense-In-depth protection which covers all aspects of modern cyber security challenges. Our suite includes methodologies development, best of breed products, cutting edge technologies, tailored services and knowledge transfer.

Rayzone Group incorporates veterans of the intelligence community with vast experience in intelligence, cyber security and cyber operations. Rayzone’s team of experts has worldwide track record which comprises the know-how, technology and the resources to provide sophisticated and tailor made products and solutions.

Below is a general description of the components of Rayzone’s Intelligent Cyber Security Suite: