Cyber Intelligence

Big Data Analysis

Investigative Analytics Platform – AI-enabled knowledge discovery platform to scan through large amounts of structured or unstructured data and accelerate the creation and sharing of insights for optimal cross-team synchronization. Maximize the use of integrated sensors to leverage critical information, synthesize knowledge, and turn data into actionable intelligence.

Big Data Analysis

Investigation Solutions

Open-Source Investigation Platform – Analyze all available sources including dark and deep web to generate actionable insights instantly by skimming through organized data and well-constructed automatic reports.

Location Investigation Platform – Gather geospatial intelligence data to gain a better understanding, discover the unknown, and visually depict individual trends based on specific geographic locations.

Incident Investigation Platform – Monitor behavioral patterns using unique capabilities to investigate historical events and trends on a global scale. Adopt a data-centric approach to conceptualize the past and prepare efficiently for future challenges.

Investigation Solutions

Communication Analysis Solutions

Communication Inspection Capabilities – Implement communication monitoring products with flexible deployment options to enhance tactical team effectiveness.

RF Environment Protection – Acquire real-time assessment and ongoing protection of your RF environment.

Communication Analysis Solutions

The 5 W intelligence questions

Rayzone Group’s holistic approach considers the five most essential intelligence questions common to all intricate investigations:

  • What Is Happening?
  • Who Is Behind It?
  • When Is It Happening?
  • Why Is It Happening?
  • Where Is It Happening?

To answer these questions, Rayzone Group designed our comprehensive portfolio of solutions which provides a clarified picture and reveals the missing pieces of the intelligence puzzle.

Key Advantages

  • Flexible &
Modular Design
    Flexible & Modular Design
  • Automated
    Automated Reports
  • Simple &
Rapid Deployment
    Simple & Rapid Deployment
  • Unlimited Scale
    Unlimited Scale
  • Real-Time Results
    Real-Time Results
  • User-Friendly
    User-Friendly Interface