Sprinter – Tactical Active 2G, 3G and 4G Interception

Sprinter is an off-the-air tactical active interception system for 2G/3G/4G cellular networks. Sprinter allows intelligence and law enforcement agencies to intercept and record voice calls, text messages and to retrieve target’s location.

Sprinter system intercepts and records target’s incoming and outgoing voice calls, text messages (SMS), and to manipulate target’s communication. The system is totally transparent and undetectable neither by the mobile operator nor by the target.
Sprinter is built with operational mindset to support all aspects of special operations. It includes a simple to operate wizard that supports mission preparation, execution of the interception, and post-analysis.
Sprinter also provides remote control of the interception using fully portable installation with unique wireless connection, batteries and antennas in one compact back-pack case. It’s unique configuration enables to increase the range of interception and to operate even within crowded locations.