Rayzone Group’s holistic approach
to Cyber Intelligence

The 5 W intelligence questions

Rayzone Group’s holistic approach considers the five most essential intelligence questions common to all intricate investigations:

  • What Is Happening?
  • Who Is Behind It?
  • When Is It Happening?
  • Why Is It Happening?
  • Where Is It Happening?

To answer these questions, Rayzone Group designed our comprehensive portfolio of solutions which provides a clarified picture and reveals the missing pieces of the intelligence puzzle.

We don’t see challenges, we see opportunities!

  • Turn Disorganized Data into Actionable Intelligence
  • Remain Ahead of the Curve with your Technology Systems
  • Break the Dependency on National Communication Providers
  • Predict Behavior in Advance
  • Be Agile & Flexible in an Ever-Changing Digital Environment

Sectors We Empower

  • Financial
  • Law
  • Customs &
  • National
  • Public